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June 10, 2015

Meek Mill video shoot turns to fight on Philly street

Altercation ensues after rival rapper Louie V shows up

A music video shoot for Philly-born rap Meek Mill turned into an altercation on Tuesday night.

TMZ posted a video of the incident. According to the celebrity tabloid, rival rapper Louie V showed up at Mill's shoot, and some verbal jawing ensued. 

Then, an individual who appears to have been there with Louie V gets hit in the face. The TMZ headline reads "pistol-whipping," but that is not entirely clear in the video.

Louie V took to Twitter and Instagram in response to the video, saying he wasn't in the fight and that there was no pistol-whipping, but he was there talking to Mill.

According to TMZ, police were called to the incident but no one was arrested. It is unclear exactly where in Philadelphia the incident occurred.

The beef between Louie V and Meek Mill, both Philly natives, started last year when the two went back and forth on Twitter over accusations of stolen jewelry. Louie V explained the nature of the fallout between the two rappers, who have previously collaborated on songs together, in an August 2014 interview.