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August 28, 2018

Michael B. Jordan has challenged Will Smith to a cook-off

In the span of a few years, Michael B. Jordan has quickly emerged as one of Hollywood's biggest stars, hitting magazine covers and collecting awards for his roles in "Creed" and "Black Panther."

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Jordan has been spotted around Philadelphia this year working out at a local gym and filming for the upcoming "Creed II," so it's no surprise that his career arc and connection to the city have endeared him to Will Smith.

Last week, Jordan was apparently vacationing at a cabin owned by Will Smith and got the idea to whip up a ton of food. In the process, he decided to throw down a "cook off" challenge and post his kitchen activity on Instagram.

Smith, as reported by the Atlanta Black Star, accepted the challenge. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has offered to be the judge.

Let's take a second to marvel at the feast Jordan cooked up, per the report:

Jordan whipped up some eggs and a dredge for French toast made of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, presumably including the General Mills cereal ingredient. He rounded out the meal with turkey bacon and sausage. But Jordan’s cooking didn’t stop there. He also whipped up a dinner of cheddar mashed potatoes, salmon, grilled New York strip steak, which had perfect grill marks and was basted in butter, and grilled asparagus. Plus, he tossed together some ground chicken nachos, complete with homemade nachos and topped with black beans and plenty of cheese and red onions.

There better have been at least four people at that cabin. There's no way Jordan consumed all of that on his own.

Smith has been on a tear with challenges lately, going viral for his bridge-top "In My Feelings" stunt and taking a dare to bungee jump across the Grand Canyon from a helicopter piloted by Tom Cruise — on his 50th birthday next month.

Smith spent his formative years getting served supper by Geoffrey in Bel Air. He's a clear underdog in this fight, which is exactly where a West Philly guy should want to be.

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