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April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide: What to buy for moms who are quirky, sporty or sleep-deprived

Ten local gift ideas broken down by mom type

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Mother's Day Gift Guide Photo Illustration/Handout Art

From left to right, going clockwise: Limited Edition BusStopX Black Jade oxfords, vegan cookies from Noomoo Cookie Company, a cutting board from Philadelphia Woodworks, a 'Cleanse' cocktail made with Stateside vodka and a taxidermy peahen from Diamond Tooth Taxidermy.

For most moms, flowers and chocolates just don't cut it. 

That's why we've compiled this list of 10 local gift ideas for moms of all stripes — everyone from the quirky mom to the sporty mom, the fashionable mom to the boozy mom. All in time for Mother's Day. Which is Friday, May 8. Which you knew already.

For the fashionista mom

These suede, handcrafted oxfords, available at Bus Stop boutique in Queen Village, are a fit for moms of any age. And though it's available in 12 colors, pick up the soft blue Serenity color — Pantone's color of the year — for the sake of spring dress-matching. The shoes are also limited edition. Point being: Mom won't find these kicks at Nine West. ($250,

For the diet-reformed mom

Surprise: You've come back from your first year at college to find all of the usual delights in the pantry are gone. Everything's suddenly dairy-free and low fat, prompting you to ponder what alien abducted your real mother. But in an embrace of mom's new diet, try surprising her with something indulgent. The Spring Sweets Box from Nomoo Cookie Company, based in Bucks County, consists of a dozen cookies, including four Lovely Lemon Berry sandwich cookies, four Vanilla Angel Food Cakes and four Crazy Nutty Coco cookies. The treats are not only dairy-free and made with all-natural ingredients, but certified Kosher as well. So, they're good for both vegan moms and Jewish moms. Win and win. ($23,

For the crafty mom

Kitchen accessories are an old standby, but maybe try twisting the formula by giving mom something a little more hands-on: Philadelphia Woodworks offers cutting board classes that are kind to beginners but still challenging to master craftsmom. By the end of the single-session class, mom will walk away with (at least) one custom 8-by-12-inch cutting board that she'll likely chop on for a lifetime. ($79,

For the boozy mom

When all else fails, liquor is the safe bet for any mom who regularly counts down to cocktail hour. Keep it local with Stateside vodka, brewed by Fishtown-based Federal Distilling. If you're feeling up to the challenge, mix her a "Cleanse" — a fairly simple-and-clean cocktail made with muddled cucumber, mint, lemon, a splash of fresh lemon juice, Stateside vodka and a top-off of water. ($28,

For the quirky mom

Symbolically, nothing's more matriarchal than a hen. For the far-out mom — or just the mom who already has everything else she wants — Diamond Tooth Taxidermy has an elaborate couture peahen taxidermy for sale, perched atop a silk and tasseled pillow. That, along with more than four dozen hats and accessories made from birds of all kinds. Weird? Sure. But then, so's your mom. ($1,100, Diamond Tooth Taxidermy's Etsy page)

For the mom who bakes

No matter how much mom claims to have mastered the art of pie-making, there are inevitably still new ways to roll, pan and flute that dough. Magpie's offering a Mother's Day-themed pie-making class on Sunday, May 10 (with two spots left, as of April 28) — though, you'll find any of the South Street bakery's classes worthwhile. Or, if mom's not nearby, opt instead for Magpie owner Holly Ricciardi's cookbook for sweet and savory pies. One's mom can bake with love, of course. ($70-$90,

For the new mom who needs sleep

Know a new mom running on fumes? Center City-based boutique Rikumo's Binchotan charcoal mask uses activated charcoal to ease tension around the eyes and ease world-weary new moms into meditation or, most importantly, sleep. Pair it with any number of Rikumo's other charcoal-activated lotions, soaps and cleansers. ($24,

For the sporty mom

Fit4Mom Philadelphia offers hour-long, total body "stroller stride" classes that incorporate stroller jogging with light strength training. The selling line, though, is that moms are able to bring their kids to the workout. There's also a full calendar of class options, making it fairly convenient to dive into with a 10-class pass to start. ($135-$180,

For the bookie mom

University of Pennsylvania psychology professor Angela Duckworth's new book, "Grit," out May 2, evaluates the value of passion over talent when setting out for personal or professional accomplishment. It's a powerful and inspiring read for any mom — new or seasoned — seeking advice as a parent or person. Also perfect for: the empty-nest mom who needs a boost of confidence and a reminder that perseverance at any age pays off. ($28,

For the faraway mom

Something all moms want? To spend time with their kids. Amtrak gift certificates can be bought in increments as low as $50 and as high as $1,000. ($50-$1,000,