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May 30, 2019

This new better-for-you cereal comes in all of the classic flavors

Magic Spoon is low-carb, protein-rich and keto-friendly

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magic spoon healthy cereal Photo courtesy/Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon comes in four better-for-you cereal flavors.

Cereal, like pizza, is usually one of those foods you tend to leave behind after college — when you ate it for, potentially, every meal of the day and it was, objectively, not that healthy.

However, there’s a new cereal option that provides that same milk-slurping nostalgia while being a LOT healthier.

Magic Spoon is a box-checking high protein, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free and keto-friendly cereal. A bowl of Magic Spoon cereal is also bereft of artificial sweeteners or colors and is a low-sugar option with no cane sugar, corn syrup or sugar alcohols — all of the things that make our favorite cereals from childhood so addicting.

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However, that isn’t to say that Magic Spoon doesn’t try to emulate our favorite cereals in some ways. Their flavor options will sound quite familiar: cinnamon, frosted, fruity and cocoa.

In terms of the flavor and filling nature of Magic Spoon, New York Magazine reports:

It tasted delicious, as cereals tend to do — in this case, like a shimmery space Cheerio, weightless and crunchy and sweet and the texture of kinetic sand as it stuck to the inside of my teeth (somehow not in a bad way). Then, an hour or two later, I waited for it to give me a hunger spike, as cereals also tend to do. Except this one did not.

Currently, Magic Spoon cereals are only being sold online by the case — which includes four boxes — for $39. You can chose to do a variety case, or stick with the flavor you know and love.

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