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December 01, 2016

New law allows New Jersey schools to hire armed retired cops

Gov. Christie signed bill Wednesday; Vineland making plans to hire 17 officers for 2017 school year

Some South Jersey school districts are moving ahead with plans to place retired – and armed – police in schools.

Gov. Chris Christie signed the legislation Wednesday.

Vineland Public Schools is among the district that has posted job openings for a “special law enforcement officer.” The plan there is to place a retired armed cop in each of the district’s 17 schools during the 2017 school year.

The legislation signed by Christie establishes new special law enforcement officers to provide security in “public and nonpublic schools and county colleges.”

Officers also would be permitted to respond to emergencies and crimes off school grounds if crimes are committed in their presence while headed to their school post.

The officers must be younger than 65 and must undergo school resource officer training.