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January 08, 2015

No elevated threat in Philly after France attacks

Airport operations normal

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on a satirical magazine in France that killed 12 people, Philadelphia police said there was no evidence of a heightened threat to Philadelphia.

“Presently, there is no credible information that there is a domestic attack imminent,” said Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan. “Therefore, we will continue to monitor the situation closely along with our regional partners.”

Sullivan added that Philadelphia police would keep in contact with the FBI to ensure that the city's latest threat information was up to date.

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The same was true at Philadelphia International Airport.  Mary Flannery, a public affairs manager at the airport, said the airport worked in conjunction with  the Transportation Security Administration on security issues.

“Just like the police, we have not received anything additional from the TSA to do anything to the elevated [security] levels we use everyday,” said Flannery.