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April 27, 2015

Gambling website releases NFL draft (and therefore Marcus Mariota) odds

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Think you know where Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston will be drafted? Put your money where your mouth is.

As if the drama surrounding the 2015 NFL Draft weren't enough, you can also bet on it. Canada-based posted odds on the first round of the draft, which obviously include a few Mariota bets.

2015 NFL DRAFT - Who will be the #2 Selection?                

Marcus Mariota: 1/5      

Dante Fowler Jr.: 15/2     

Leonard Williams: 3/1     

Jameis Winston: 12/1

Any Other Player: 9/1     

Will Marcus Mariota be drafted by the Titans?

Yes : 1/2

No: 3/2

2015 NFL DRAFT - How Many RB's will be selected in the 1st Round?

Over: 1½  (-400, 1/4)

Under: 1½ (+250, 5/2)

2015 NFL DRAFT - How Many WR's will be selected in the 1st Round?     

Over/Under: 5½

2015 NFL DRAFT - Draft Position - Amari Cooper              

Over/Under: 6

2015 NFL DRAFT - Draft Position - Kevin White                 

Over/Under: 7

2015 NFL DRAFT - Draft Position - Todd Gurley                 

Over/Under: 12½

2015 NFL DRAFT - Draft Position - Melvin Gordon           

Over/Under: 22½

2015 NFL DRAFT - Draft Position - Dante Fowler              

Over/Under: 3½

2015 NFL DRAFT - Will Adrian Peterson be traded before the final pick of the draft?        

Yes: 2/1     

No: 1/3

The two bets above that have Eagles relevance are obviously the first two, which involve Marcus Mariota. I agree completely that Mariota is very likely to be drafted second overall, whether that be by the Titans, the Eagles, or some other team that moves up for him.

The second Mariota bet is the one that gets interesting. Bovada placed the Titans as fairly heavy favorites to draft Mariota. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Titans may just go ahead and take him at #2 simply for the value he possesses, whether they like him or not, and then deal him later. In other words, even if Mariota is drafted by the Titans and you see him on TV wearing a Tennessee hat, don't expect the Mariota chatter to just go away.

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