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August 10, 2016

One of 'Final Five' U.S. Olympic gymnasts will be headed to Wawa after Rio

We hold Olympians to a higher standard – one that approaches superhuman, and that goes for their dedication to diets, too.

In our minds, at least, we picture them exclusively eating the healthiest food in the world, because how else could sprinter Tyson Gay reach speeds up to 23 miles per hour on foot or 16-year-old gymnast Lauren Hernandez do four back flips in a row.

For Hernandez, the newly minted gold-medalist from New Brunswick, New Jersey, at least some of her Olympic dreams are fueled by Shortis or Sizzlis or Dirt Cup Parfaits because according to an Instagram post by her brother on Tuesday the plan is to head straight to Wawa when she returns from the Rio Olympics.

Check out the post below: