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December 19, 2017

One Philly hamburger ranks in America's top 100

Are you willing to pay $26 for this monster?

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Whiskey King Burger Village Whiskey /Facebook

The Whiskey King at Jose Garces' Village Whiskey, located at 118 S. 20th Street.

In today's body-conscious society – not to suggest that's a bad thing – the hamburger has become something of the ultimate cheat meal.

The average burger ranges anywhere from 400-700 calories in one pop, and that's assuming you're not downing a bunch of French fries with ketchup and one or two refills of Coke along with it.

This really isn't the worst fate for the hamburger. It just means that only the best of the best can still prevail in popularity. Whenever you do decide to have one, you go all out and enjoy it enough to be slightly sick, so you don't want another one for a long time, or so you say. 

Like clockwork, another list of America's best burgers recently surfaced at The Daily Meal, giving us all an updated look at where to go for Philadelphia's finest, according to the site's editors.

Earlier this year, Uproxx published its own list of America's "Absolute Best Burgers," giving a nod to South Philly's Fountain Porter for its $5 cheeseburger.

The Daily Meal went to the opposite end of the spectrum, singling out Village Whiskey's $26 Whiskey King as the only burger in Pennsylvania worthy of America's top 100. It landed at No. 37.

Chef Jose Garces has won heaps of praise for the burgers he’s serving at Village Whiskey, and it’s well-deserved. His burgers are so lightly packed that they’re almost fluffy, and come on a house-baked pain au lait bun that’s similar to brioche, but less eggy. The patties are well seasoned, super juicy, and full of flavor. If you’re looking for something especially decadent, go for the Whiskey King Burger, which is topped with maple bourbon-glazed cippolini onions, blue cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, and foie gras for good measure. It’s a wonder to behold.

If you're willing to pay the premium, it's hard to argue that Garces isn't giving you a stacked meal. It's definitely not one you'll soon forget.

Here are the Top 10 burgers in the United States, according to The Daily Meal's list.

10. Cheeseburger at JG Mellon - New York City
9. The Original db Burger at db Bistro Moderne - New York City
8. The Office Burger at Father's Office - Los Angeles
7. Green Chile Cheeseburger at Santa Fe Bite - Santa Fe
6. Black Angus Burger at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink - Miami
5. Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern - New York City 
4. Cheeseburger at Husk - Charleston, S.C.
3. Double Cheeseburger at Holeman & Finch Public House - Atlanta
2. Cheeseburger at Au Cheval - Chicago
1. Chargrilled Burger at The Spotted Pig - New York City