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August 08, 2015

Pennsylvania lottery cautions against scams

Officials warn of scam artists posing as employees online

The Pennsylvania Lottery is warning customers not to buy into scams telling people they've won big.

According to the state lottery, consumers should be wary of scam artists posing as "lottery claim agents" who contact "winners" through social media, emails or phone calls. 

The scam artists will reportedly ask for people to confirm bank account numbers or personal information and demand a processing or claim fee in order for people to claim their false winnings. 

The scam operators will also pose as real employees whose names appear on the internet. Scammers are often located offshore, according to officials, making it difficult for U.S. law enforcement to regulate their activity. 

The state lottery notes that technology has made it easier for scammers, specifically their ability to pose as employees. 

Customers playing the Pennsylvania Lottery can find more tips on security and scams here