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May 05, 2015

Pentagon: No Texas takeover

Defense officials dismiss rumors that the U.S. military is planning a covert operation to take over Texas

The U.S. government is not planning to take over Texas, despite Internet rumors claiming a special operations exercise is a covert plan to do just that, according to various media reports.

Pentagon officials dismissed such claims as "wild speculation," saying Operation Jade Helm 15 does not pose a threat to any American's civil liberties, according to the Miami Herald

Jade Helm 15 will simulate war missions in portions of seven states for a two-month period beginning July 15, the newspaper reported Monday. Thousands of Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALS and other special operations forces will be participating.

Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard forces to observe the training exercise, saying they will gather information, monitor the exercise and report its happenings to him, CNN reported

Several websites are expressing worries of Bastrop County residents, who are concerned the exercise will lead to a military takeover, CNN reported. Others say the military is testing the loyalty of the local Texas communities, noting some troops will be in civilian clothes and vehicles.

But Defense officials denied any takeover, telling CNN that special operations troops often train in local areas.