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August 19, 2015

Philadelphia comes close to goal on contracts with minority-owned businesses

Report: 29 percent of city contracts went to minority, disabled and women-owned businesses

Announcing the results of its annual disparity study on Wednesday, Philadelphia found that it has almost reached its goal of awarding 30 percent of city contracts to minority-, women- and disabled-owned businesses when possible.

The study found that in the fiscal year 2014, the city awarded $267 million in contracts to under-represented businesses.

"Every dollar spent by the city represents an economic opportunity for minority, women and disabled-owned businesses in Philadelphia," Mayor Michael Nutter said in a statement.

Twenty-nine percent of the city's contracts went to such businesses when it was possible to do so, compared to 28 percent in 2013, the city reports.

However, there were certain industries in which few or no minority- or disabled-owned businesses are available in the region, including electric energy supply, oil-petroleum and medical personnel. Sixty-three contracts valued at $198 million were not counted in the study for that reason.

These industries in which there are no minority- or disabled-owned businesses "pose major barriers to entry and challenges for the city's inclusion efforts," said Angela Down-Burton, Executive Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Econsult Solutions Inc. and Milligan & Company LLC conducted the study. The report will be available online at