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April 19, 2019

Twitter tries to solve gaseous mystery on Sixers bench

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Sixers fart bench Source/TNT

Sixers players react to flatulence on the bench in the fourth quarter of a playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Dominant performances from Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris helped propel the Philadelphia 76ers to an important road win in game three of their playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets.

It looks like there was some other propulsion taking place on the Sixers bench during the fourth quarter.

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Multiple viewers of the TNT broadcast pointed out a very apparent smell causing distress to several Sixers players including rookie Zhaire Smith and recovering big man Joel Embiid.

These are NBA grade farts we're talking about here, probably lethal to the rest of us. What happened was obvious to anyone watching the game. 

Alright then, who's the responsible party? 

The Johnson and Redick theories are both compelling, although given that Smith's reaction was the most fierce, we probably can't rule out Embiid here either. 

We can only hope the dealer of this fart is willing to confess. We now know that a cell phone was not the worst thing to come out on the Sixers bench. 

Oh, and to anyone who feels this is beneath the dignity of examination, lighten up. When the sports world gives you not one, but two fart-gates in a single week, you do not look a gift horse in the rear. If you haven't yet seen the "First Take" fart investigation on ESPN, it's alright. Go ahead and listen to this 80 times.