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March 27, 2023

Umpire ejects J.T. Realmuto from game for no good reason

In a Spring Training game, an umpire ejected J.T. Realmuto for a baffling, head-scratching reason that's causing a stir among Phillies fans.

Another day, another outrageous turn of events from a sports officiant. 

In the Phillies' Spring Training matchup against the Blue Jays on Monday afternoon, the home plate umpire, Randy Rosenberg, ejected Phillies star catcher J.T. Realmuto from the game. Why I don't have the slightest real clue. Take a look for yourselves:

What the hell? 

I guess Rosenberg thought Relamuto was pulling a fast one on him by bringing his glove back to himself, the baseball equivalent of faking a handshake with someone, slipping your hand and hitting them with the finger gun? Who are you? You're not that important! Do you truly believe Realmuto was trying to show you up here and make you look like a fool? He clearly wasn't and because of this over-the-top reaction, the umpire is left looking like a fool nonetheless. 

Blunders from umpires and referees are increasing, which feels improbable given the level we've already been at for years, but across the NBA, the NFL and, now, Major League Baseball, things are getting totally out of hand. Who does this ump think he is? Does he think all the people down at the stadium are there to watch him? Newsflash, Randy, they're not. You are a bystander, a glorified hall monitor shifting things away from the simplicity and beauty of sports. 

I'm sick of it. 

I can't wait to see what referee shenanigans await Philadelphians in tonight's Sixers-Nuggets game!

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