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January 12, 2017

Philly officials: Hillary Clinton campaign owes police payment for security at rally

Hillary Clinton may have seen her presidential hopes dashed by a high-profile clash with a federal law enforcement agency, but the Philadelphia Police Department reportedly has not settled its business with the Democratic candidate's campaign.

According to an analysis compiled by the Center for Public Integrity, the Clinton campaign owes $2,678 to Philly police for security and other services during a rally on April 25 at City Hall.

A spokesperson for Mayor Jim Kenney told the organization that the campaign will soon be issued a final notice. If that doesn't work the matter will be handled by the city's legal department. City officials also noted that the campaign did pay a $8,500 bill for an event on Nov. 5 at the Mann Music Center where Katy Perry performed.

Philly isn't the only municipality looking to receive payments from the Clinton campaign either. In total, Hillary for America is on the hook for approximately $25,000 worth of services nationwide.

Meanwhile, a former Clinton staffer denied that the campaign owes any money and that "security-related questions should be referred to U.S. Secret Service."

Although that appears bad for Clinton, consider that both her political rivals' campaigns still owe significantly more for similar services across the country.

The findings reveal that President-elect Donald Trump's campaign has not paid law enforcement agencies after being billed $204,000 for security services, while Democratic primary challenger Bernie Sanders' campaign says it owes $449,409.