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February 27, 2015

Philly police weigh in on dress debate

Men, women in blue are on #TeamBlueAndBlack

Social Media Police
The Dress swiked/tumblr

What color is this dress? Black and blue? White and gold?

The Philadelphia Police Department took to social media Friday morning to weigh in on the dress debate that took over the Internet Thursday.

The men and women in blue are clearly on #TeamBlueAndBlack.


What began with a post from Tumblr user swiked asking people to comment on the color of a bodycon dress quickly turned into an intense online debate that even got celebrities involved. 

All who lay eyes upon the dress are immediately divided. Some see the dress as white and gold; others see it as blue and black.

But PhillyVoice has a more important question: How did this llama get its hands on the infamous dress?