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February 27, 2015

What color is this dress and why is everyone on the Internet arguing about it?

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The Dress swiked/tumblr

What color is this dress? Black and blue? White and gold?

It’s a dress that memes are made of. 

It all started when Tumblr user swiked uploaded a photo of a poorly lit bodycon dress.

“Guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?” she wrote. “Me and my friends can’t agree…”

All who lay eyes upon the dress are immediately divided into one intensely passionate camp or the other. Some see the dress as white and gold; others see it as blue and black. Some think they need glasses, while others believe they are losing their minds.  

The debate reaches a fever pitch when celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Mindy Kaling weigh in on the matter. 

Why can't we all agree on the color of the dress (it's definitely light blue and gold)? took a look at the science behind the polarizing interpretations.

Whether you see black and blue, or gold and white depends on how your brain interpolates the light penetrating your eyes. You can chalk it up to wavelength and context. 

However, if you happen to be a member of team black and blue, rejoice. It turns out that the dress is indeed blue with black lace details. Adobe agrees.