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September 10, 2016

Philly weddings are getting really weird

Mac n cheese cake and a dumpster photo

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Look, a wedding is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and an important one at that. So to celebrate your eternal love for your significant other, do whatever the heck you want. I'm not judging.

But I will point out how, um, unusual some of the choices two newlywed Philly couples have made to mark the special occasion.

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First, as recently highlighted by PhillyMag's wedding blog, there's Kimberly and Mitchell Leff, who tied the knot this past spring at the The Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. They hired Hoffer Photography to do their wedding photos, which included a shot next to – I kid you not – a dumpster in a Philly alleyway.

Hoffer Photography/Source

Kimberly and Mitchell Leff pose for a wedding photo next to a dumpster in Philly.

Then, there's Falynn Koch and her groom Tucker Waugh. The Old City couple was recently profiled by BillyPenn for their wedding cake, which was made with macaroni and cheese.

Koch told BillyPenn's Cassie Owens that she made the cake for her new husband, and that it wasn't the first time she had whipped up the recipe. She said that guests were a little shocked by the desert-appetizer hybrid:

Their guests didn’t know exactly what to make out of it. “People don’t know if it’s going to taste like traditional cake or if it’s cake with cheese on it, or even if it’s like cheesecake the dessert but with noodles in it because of the way it looks,” she wrote. This recipe is savory. She explained, “It looks like cake dough in photos because when you cut it, the knife leaves a smooth edge and you don’t see the noodle shapes.”

Stay weird, Philly.

(h/t PhillyMag, BillyPenn)