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May 10, 2016

Philly woman sets off Friday on 13-city tour to deliver 'dignity bags' to homeless

Through her nonprofit, The Dignity Project, Lolly Galvin is taking kindness on the road

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The Dignity Project Lolly Galvin /Facebook/The Dignity Project

The Dignity Project started from humble beginnings from a GoFundMe account with a goal of $500 to do random acts of kindness for the homeless. On Friday, founder and Philadelphia native Lolly Galvin will embark on a 13-city tour to deliver "dignity bags" to homeless individuals.

Philadelphia resident Lolly Galvin is about to embark on a 13-city U.S. tour to hand deliver what she's calling "dignity bags" (bags full of essential toiletries and lots of love) to homeless individuals living on the streets. 

Galvin, founder of the nonprofit The Dignity Project, will head out in her van on Friday. Although she will take the monthlong trip mostly alone, people can follow along online, through her Instagram account @realhumanist and YouTube account.

Galvin said in an interview on King&Why that she shared her idea " encourage others to join me for the day in their own cities."

So far she's raised more than $11,500 through a GoFundMe campaign created under the umbrella of The Dignity Project and its mission. 

Her very first act of kindness under the nonprofit, she told King&Why, was taking a Philadelphia homeless man out to lunch.