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March 04, 2017

Pinterest: Most favored 'food idea' in Pennsylvania, New Jersey involves alcohol

Can you guess one of the most popular "food ideas" in Pennsylvania and New Jersey? Hint: it's of the alcoholic variety, according to Pinterest. 

Pinterest, a website that allows users to collect and organize ideas for just about anything, released an infographic earlier this week that shows the most popular food idea saved in each state.

Pennsylvanians were most interested in Peach Schnapps, while residents in New Jersey wanted a taste of sangria.

Delaware pinned recipes for crabs the most, according to the infographic.

The only other state with alcohol on the brain was New Hampshire, whose residents most pinned recipes for martinis, according to the map.

Other states like Washington and Ohio searched more familiar food recipes, like Thai chicken and peanut butter brownies. States like Idaho and Florida searched for other ideas most, like canning and cake toppers.

The company found the information by sorting through the ideas saved in each state and found "what's over-indexing relative to the rest of the country." According to the site, food is Pinterest's No. 1 category with more than 150 million monthly users.

Check out the infographic for yourself below: