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May 27, 2015

Officials: Police fatally shoot N.J. man holding infant son hostage

The child was unharmed

A five-hour police standoff involving a suspect who was allegedly armed and holding his 17-month-old son hostage in a Monmouth County home ended late Tuesday with police fatally shooting the man and retrieving the child unharmed. 

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, the ordeal began late Tuesday. Officials told the TV station that the child’s mother called 911 to report a domestic violence incident against the suspect, 39-year-old Scott McAllister, who she said was intoxicated and had physically assaulted her. 

When police arrived, the woman, whose identity and relationship status with McAllister are unknown, was said to be standing outside the Middletown home, while McAllister was inside and was allegedly threatening to harm the child, NBC10 reports. 

After several hours of negotiation attempts, SWAT team members forced their way into the home, where McAllister was fatally shot, the New Jersey Attorney General's Office told NBC10. 

McAllister was pronounced dead at the scene, NBC10 reports.

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