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January 22, 2018

Reliving the Eagles' NFC Championship Game win through the eyes of Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans

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During the NFL season, the Cowboys blog has a weekly feature called "Trolling the Nation," in which they scour message boards looking for fans of teams around league watching (and commenting on) Cowboys games as they happen. They then publish those comments on their site.

Welp. A good idea is a good idea, and I'm stealing that jawn. Last week, after the Eagles' playoff win over the Atlanta Falcons, I took a look at the comment sections for the live game threads at the SB Nation sites for the CowboysGiants, and Redskins, who find themselves in a similar position as Eagles fans in the playoffs most years – rooting against whoever made the playoffs in the NFC East. Here's what I found this week after the Eagles' blowout win over the Minnesota Vikings.


• Better not ruin my night. Patriots, well… I’ve had enough of them… but this… well… this is something entirely different… Anyway, I’m off to the closet to find something purple. (Cowboys)

• Please, in the name of all that is holy, Minnesota win this friggin game. (Cowboys)

• So is this the real life "good vs bad?" Minnesota is almost always seen as a very friendly place with nice people and Philly is… deplorable. (Cowboys)

• Go Vikings! Let Philly stay in misery. (Giants)

• Oh Lord don’t make me root for the Pats to beat the Illeagles. That would just be the cherry on top of sh*t sundae that was this season. (Giants)

• Those poor unsuspecting midwestern Vikings fans that are going to get beat up after the Eagles lose. (Redskins)

Vikings take opening drive down for an easy score

• Boom!!! (Cowboys)

• What a drive! Crush their hopes and dreams. (Cowboys)

• Eagles D looked really bad on that drive. (Cowboys)

• What an opening drive. Shurmanator’s offense is buzzing so far, against a very good defense on the road too! Hopefully we get to see that next year. (Giants)

• Please bring some of that with you, Shurmur. (Giants)

Eagles opening drive fizzles after Torrey Smith drops deep ball down the field

• Torrey Smith doing what Torrey Smith does best. Gets open deep and drops it. (Cowboys)

• Lol.. Excellent. (Cowboys)

Patrick Robinson intercepts a Case Keenum pass, and returns it for a touchdown

• BAD WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cowboys)

• Someday the Cowboys DBs will take advantage of errant passes like the Philly ones do.... (Cowboys)

• Foles will throw a pick. Hopefully more than one. (Cowboys)

• Goddamnit Case. (Giants)

• Ugh Come on Keenum. (Redskins)

Eagles drive ends with a LeGarrette Blount TD run

• Worst fears are coming true. Pats vs. Eagles SB. (Cowboys)

• So, where's this #1 defense?? (Cowboys)

• What a lousy football season. (Cowboys)

• Don't think we'll EVER get over this season. I will remember this even in the afterlife. (Cowboys)

• Vikings need to do what we did against Philly in Week 17. (Then someone replied)…  Play against their 2nd/3rd stringers? (Cowboys)

• Hate to say it but Iggles have a real chance to beat NE. They are much better than Tennessee or Jax. (Cowboys)

• They're winning with Nick Foles. But O lines aren’t important. In fact, poor to mediocre ones are preferable, because then you can draft more WR. You need lots of those so you can run all kinds of routes and get the ball out in 1.8 seconds. Far better that way. Far better. (Giants)

• When you can run up the middle like Blount just did, you have a chance to win. You can’t win without a running game. These coaches still try to throw it and buck the conventional method. (Redskins)

Derek Barnett gets a strip sack of Case Keenum

• ##$%%$@&&%$&$^^#$TQ#$$%^$^$%$@#$@^@%%&$ (Cowboys)

• The best thing about a Philly win would be them suffering another Super Bowl loss. (Cowboys)

• For those who are complaining about the injuries that the Cowboys suffered this year, look what Philly has done. Philly’s front office, coaching and roster > Dallas’. It pains me to say this but it’s true. (Cowboys)

• Minny is still in it since Philly is showing their best right now. (Cowboys)

Nick Foles finds Alshon Jeffery deep for a TD

• Welp. The Vikes D being embarrassed. (Cowboys)

• Newman! (Cowboys)

• Minny is going to need another miracle. (Cowboys)

• Now, we've got Nick Foles dropping dimes? Oh, boy… (Cowboys)

• I'm NOT watching the 2nd half. What’s worse? Philly winning the SB or Patriots surpassing us and tying the Steelers for 6? (Cowboys)

• Let's try to find some positives. At least we can say that the Cowboys are well represented in the championship games with Romo and Aikman on the broadcasts. (Cowboys)

• We keep saying PHI will fold with Wentz down. Okay…… (Cowboys)

• PHI loses Wentz and goes to the SB. We lose Tyron Smith and lose our minds. (Cowboys)

• Philly has coaches. We have the clapper. Philly has a front office that can identify and acquire talent. We have Jerry Jones. He has no clue how to build an NFL roster. (Cowboys)

• Nick Foles carving up this vaunted Vikings defense. Gonna be a long day. Patriots and Eggs superbowl. Yuck. About as bad as it gets. (Giants)

• Foles looks good. That needs to stop. (Redskins)

The Eagles quickly force a punt, get a big play down the field to Zach Ertz, and hit a FG before the end of the half

• Wait what? I just walked away for a few seconds. How the hell did they get a FG so quick? (Cowboys)

• We may have overrated the Vikings defense just a bit... (Cowboys)

• Eagles trade Foles for Bradford, trade Bradord for a number one, get Foles back for free. Rip-off kings of the NFL. (Cowboys)

• A lot of folks were talking about the Eagles folding up shop and going nowhere in the playoffs without Wentz. Yeah, not so much when you’re team is pretty good, and it’s coached very well. (Cowboys)

• Newflash: cover Ertz! (Giants)

• Smh am I really going to have to root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. (Redskins)

• Get it together Minnesota. (Redskins)

On the opening drive of the second half, Foles finds Torrey Smith for a TD on a flea flicker

• Real champions use flea flickers. (Cowboys)

• No Motherfricking way. (Cowboys)

• Game over. (Cowboys)

• Another dime from Superbowl-caliber quarterback Nick Foles. (Cowboys)

• Jerry Jones fired the HC that won two rocks in five years but is in love with the guy that had two playoff appearances in eight years. (Cowboys)

• Well, that's the final play I'll see of professional football this year. I have no desire to see either of the remaining teams win a ring. (Cowboys)

• My, God. Another dime from Nick Foles? Nick… Foles? Against one of the best defenses in the NFL in a big game? Things like this aren’t supposed to happen when you lose your franchise QB, and a legit MVP candidate due to injury. It just speaks to how well their roster is set up that they can sustain something like that, and still keep on clicking. (Cowboys)

• Foles to Dallas? (Cowboys)

• Remember when it was 7-0 Minnesota? Me either. (Cowboys)

• Garrett has what 8 years with us = only Semifinals. Doug Pederson 2 years even without his Star QB = SB. Now if you would excuse me, I might need to drink myself to sleep. (Cowboys)

• Garrett needs at least a decade to make sure he has his kind of players on the roster. Even though Pederson and Roseman took a team built entirely around Kelly and formed it in their image in 2 years. (Cowboys).

• I hope the Eagles lose similar to how the Falcons lost last year. Nothing would be better than seeing their hearts get ripped out. (Cowboys)

• This game is over. (Giants)

• OMG! Foles has been magical. That pass was perfection. I absolutely despise the Eagles, but Foles is playing phenomenally well. He’s taking his team right to the Super Bowl. (Giants)

• Vikings D looks like the Redskins' D here. Getting to QB and not hitting him or making a play and secondary leaving everyone open. (Redskins)

Adam Thielen catches a TD pass, but the replay reveals the ball hit the ground

• Buck couldn't wait to say that ball hit the ground. (Cowboys)

• This game sucks. (Cowboys)

Eagles pile on one last TD to Alshon Jeffery

• Wow... What a game Nick Foles is having. (Cowboys)

• Let's see TD, onsides kick, TD, onsides kick, TD, onsides kick, TD. It's doable. (Cowboys)

• Horrible football day. And need to pull for Belichick and Brady in the SB! Ugh. At least we get our coach tomorrow. (Giants)

• #NotMySuperBowl (Giants)

• Nick Foles > Kirk Cousins? Debate. (Redskins)

The rest of the game, and the aftermath

• Ya know, on second thought, maybe we should allow Philly to win one SB. The world will know for the first time how Philly celebrates their first ever win. Media outlets will discuss how classless they are. And articles will be published about it. More in the world will see Eagle fans’ true selves, and a lot will declare that they really are scum of the earth. And I will ENJOY how much they will embarrass themselves to the world. (Cowboys)

• I say this every year after another Cowboys disappointing year but this year may be it for me. Even if Dak and Elliott play great and the young defense gels and we go like 13-3 or better again they will find away to lose in the first or divisional round AGAIN. The Eagles getting to the Super Bowl with basically spit and bubble gum really sucks. I know I will get be drawn in again after the draft and will be watching the train wreck that is the Cowboys once again. As far as the Super Bowl what a nightmare I detest both the Eagles and the Patriots. I will be organizing my sock draw during this year’s Super Bowl. (Cowboys)

• They still ain't won sh-t. Going to the big game, yeah, sure, but unless you win it, and FINALLY take a SB title home to your Philthy hole, then it don’t mean nuthin’, not a thing. 5-0, remember that.  (Then someone replied)… “Stop livin in the past.”

• Eagles 3rd string QB has more NFC Championship Game snaps than any Cowboys QB in over 20 years. (Cowboys)

• Imagine if Atlanta converted that 4th & Goal to Julio Jones. (Cowboys)

• Maybe Jesus will return in the next few days so we don’t have to witness that Super Bowl. (Cowboys)

• Honest question: Is there going to be a post about our rivals making the SB? Or are the heads staying in the sand? We had a post about Wentz’s ACL. (Cowboys)

• This is a nearly unbearable turn of events for me. It all began last year with the benching of Romo. It continued this year with the exposure of Dak Prescott. As we faltered, our rival grew more and more composed as a football team week in and week out. Now I have to watch the EAGLES IN THE SUPER BOWL. THE FRICKING EAGLES. And even if they don’t win, next year they get their superstar QB back. Meanwhile their backup looks like twice the QB our starter is. I. HATE. THIS. (Cowboys)

• Shurmur is scaring me. (Giants)

• I look forward to the article posted this week on here when the Giants hire Shurmur. Should be fun. (Giants)

• I wouldn't mind DeFilippo as an OC. (Giants)

• Vegas to blame here. You had to motivate the Eagles by making them home underdogs twice as the #1 seed. (Giants)

• Philly GM will trade Foles for some ridiculous deal... like he has done with everyone else. (Giants)

• So Mara has reportedly passed on the two coordinators who demonstrated the ability to make game winning adjustments on their side of the ball, and is hiring a coordinator who failed miserably to make adjustments against a defense even McAdoo and Sullivan figured out. Here’s to hoping Shurmur picks a competent OC. (Giants)

• Maybe Jim Schwartz > Pat Shurmur. Vikes spit the bit big time. (Giants)

• Is it too late to hire Jim Schwartz? (Giants)

• Worst. Season. Ever. (Giants)

• What if we signed Alshon Jeffery instead of Brandon Marshall? (Giants)

• Eagles vs Patriots. My worst nightmare has become reality. Can this season PLEASE END ALREADY. (Giants)

• What is truly scary is how deep the Eagles defense is, and their coaching staff is heads and shoulders above our crew. On the plus side Shurmur going to the Giants is no better than, meh. I had totally forgotten he had 2 years of failure as the Cleveland HC. I guess the Vikes washed that stink off of him. I bet Schwartz gets some consideration for a second HC spot after the way they are dismantling the Vikes. (Redskins)

• They lost their starting pro bowl LT, starting ILB Hicks, starting kicker, best offensive weapon Sproles, best ST player Maragos, quality depth at ILB Walker, Pro Bowl starting QB Wentz, and are in the SB. Don’t want to hear any more whining about the Redskins’ injuries. That is what having a quality front office does for you. Howie is Executive of the year, in my book. (Redskins)

• Go Patriots. (Redskins) 

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