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October 07, 2016

A remembrance of Jim Schwartz freaking out as Detroit Lions head coach, in GIFs

In five seasons as coach of the Detroit Lions, Jim Schwartz only compiled a 29-51 record. It wasn’t a very successful tenure, but the man who has rejuvenated the Eagles defense through three weeks still very much cares about what happens with the Motor City’s football team.

Jim Schwartz has your back, Superfan:

“I think you guys would probably be surprised how much I root for the Lions,” Schwartz said on Thursday as he prepares to face Detroit. “As long as it's not in direct conflict with the Eagles, I want those guys to win every week. I've got too much blood and sweat in that building, and there's a lot of guys there that mean an awful lot to me.”

Yes, the blunt Eagles defensive coordinator still has a soft spot for his old team. He listed Matthew Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew, and DeAndre Levy, key members of his first draft class with the Lions, as players that stand out in particular.

Despite the poor record, Schwartz said he enjoyed his time in Detroit.

“It'll be part of our family's life, not just my life, it'll be part of our family's life,” he said. “You look back, and I think you take a couple years and you can appreciate the good times maybe a little bit more than when you're in the middle of things.”

Speaking of "the middle of things," if you didn’t already know, Schwartz is an extremely fiery personality on the sidelines. As he heads back to his old stomping grounds, here are some GIFs that can remind us of his time in Detroit:

And finally, in its entirety, the Schwartziest moment of all:

If there isn't a camera on Schwartz at all times on Sunday, FOX is doing its viewers a disservice.

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