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October 28, 2016

RIP Vine. Here are 25 of my favorite clips from the mobile-video app

When news broke on Thursday that Twitter was killing off its Vine app, it gave me a big old sad.

Sure, part of it was personal. The looping short-video app was a great way to showcase the notion that goths dance to anything, livetweeting episodes of The Maury Povich Show and soccer videos for the family scrapbook.

It served as the great creative equalizer (complete with co-opting all the unique glory that sets “Black Twitter” apart from things that people – like me, for instance – see on a daily basis). 

To wit:

What made Vine so great? It was a volcanic eruption of creativity that paid no need to the limitations of distribution. If you had something funny to show, you showed it and the world saw.

The pace of social media will likely replace that outlet in short order, but let us remember Vine in all its glory in the meantime. There are so, so many more. Heck, by the time this post goes live, I'll probably think of (or get suggestions for) 25 more. 

By all means, send your favorites along in the comments section. On days like today, we should remember Vine fondly.

Before getting to the others, here’s my #humblebrag viral moment derived from Vine:

That was a fun one. So are all the 25 which follow:

Quite possibly my personal favorite (Pts. 1 and deux):

Nah, this is my personal favorite because it's so #nice:

People watching:

Lil TerRio!:

Dogs and music:

Dogs and anatomy:

Dogs and cars:

Dogs and steps:

Dancing otters:

The nature of life and death itself:


Donald Trump and lights:

Donald Trump and Smash Mouth:

Music mashups:

Toys and the knowledge thereof:


Neon outages and music:

Bathroom pranks:

Judging the footwear of others:

Cases of the Mondays:

And, finally, local politics: