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June 07, 2016

New Jersey college listed in top 10 for most rape reports in 2014: Washington Post

A Pennsylvania college was noted for a high number of rape reports relative to its student body size

Rutgers University in New Jersey was ranked as one of the top 10 campuses with the most rape reports in 2014 out of more than 1,300 U.S. schools with at least 1,000 students, according to an analysis of federal data by the Washington Post.

When sorting the data based on student body size, Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania was listed in the top 10 that year.

The Washington Post analysis was drawn from data on more than 1,300 schools with at least 1,000 students, and it found 99 of them had at least 10 reports of rape on their main campuses in 2014.

At the same time, the Post reported 502 schools had no rape reports that year, which it noted may not be completely positive, given the fact that colleges are increasingly working to build trust on campuses and, with it, make sure students feel comfortable reporting sexual assaults.

The data is available through a U.S. Department of Education website, and for the first time this year, students and parents can obtain precise data on the volume of rape reports on each campus because of recent changes to federal disclosure rules.

Top 10 schools with the highest number of rape reports on their main campuses in 2014:

  1. Brown: 43
  2. UConn: 43
  3. Dartmouth College: 42
  4. Wesleyan University: 37
  5. University of Virginia: 35
  6. Harvard: 33
  7. University of North Carolina at Charlotte: 32
  8. Rutgers-New Brunswick: 32
  9. University of Vermont: 27
  10. Stanford: 26

Top 10 schools with the highest number of rape reports on their main campuses per 1,000 students:

  1. Reed College: 12.9
  2. Wesleyan: 11.5
  3. Swarthmore College: 11.0
  4. Knox College: 10.0
  5. Williams College: 8.9
  6. Pomona College: 8.5
  7. Bowdoin College: 8.3
  8. Gallaudet University: 8.1
  9. Beloit College: 6.9
  10. Dartmouth: 6.7

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