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March 08, 2016

Some Whole Foods, Giant Eagle Stores selling 'ugly' produce at reduced prices

Misshapen fruits, vegetables have all of the taste, nutrition as its more attractive counterparts

Giant Eagle Food Stores, headquartered in Pennsylvania, and Whole Foods are starting to sell misshapen – or "ugly"  – produce at cheaper prices.

Giant Eagle Food Stores started selling disfigured produce at reduced prices a few weeks ago at five of its Pittsburgh stores, NPR reports. Whole Foods just started a pilot program at some select stores in North Carolina in partnership with Imperfect Produce, it adds.

According to, which has been petitioning Walmart and Whole Foods to sell "cosmetically less than perfect" produce in U.S. stores for a while now (although Walmart isn't biting, yet) about 26 percent of produce in the U.S. goes to waste before hitting grocery store shelves.

Read the full NPR article here.