Gabby Drucker

Gabby Drucker

Gabby Drucker owns Drucker Fitness, a Philadelphia-based personal training studio and online training business. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Pre and Postnatal Certified Trainer. Gabby is a former Division I athlete and graduate of Lehigh University; she is an avid runner and will never turn down an opportunity to sweat. She also is a certified personal trainer, functional strength coach, and fitness nutrition specialist, as well as Gym Jones Level 1 certified. Follow Gabby on Instagram at @druckerfitness or visit her website

May 26, 2021


Combine cardio and strength-training during your next workout

Adding bodyweight exercises to a run is a great way to break up the monotony of a workout. It allows your body to reap the cardiovascular benefits while also doing some strength training. You just need to find an open place where you can pause your run and complete some exercises.

May 14, 2021


Planks make for a simple, yet perfect, core workout

Plank exercises are a great way to strengthen your core. They work out your entire body, don't require any equipment and include plenty of varieties to challenge people with ripped abs. Here's why it's important to add them to your workouts and how to do them.

April 28, 2021


Need a challenging, but interesting, workout? Try a pyramid

Pyramid workouts are tough, but they can provide a beneficial change to an exercise routine. Begin by performing several exercise repetitions. Then gradually decrease the number of reps in each round until you reach a much smaller number — that's the top of the pyramid.

April 15, 2021


Mixing up your workouts keeps your body fresh, strong and injury free

An optimal exercise routine includes a mixture of high- and low-intensity workouts and focuses on a variety of muscle groups. The benefits are clear: muscle groups have time to recover, building strength and preventing injuries.

April 1, 2021


A proper recovery is an essential — but often skipped — part of a workout

Recovery is the most important part of an exercise program and probably the most commonly forgotten. Proper recovery allows your body time and effort to heal before the next workout, decreases the likelihood of injury and improves future performance.

March 17, 2021


Kettlebells are the one type of gym equipment to consider buying

It's possible to get a solid workout at home without having any gym equipment. But if there's one piece to invest in, go with the kettlebell. You can train your entire body with this one weight and it won't take up an entire room in your home.

March 1, 2021


Pushups and pull-ups are the only upper body exercises you really need

Pushups and pull-ups are great upper body workouts, but it's important to use the correct form. There are various modifications to each exercise that will allow people to build strength while perfecting their form.

February 17, 2021


Make exercise part of your daily routine by ensuring it's not a chore

To make exercise part of your routine, find a consistent time that works well for you. Find ways to make it fun, even if that means binging a TV show while running on the treadmill. And make your goals achievable.

February 3, 2021


Bounce back from your winter slump by making your workouts social affairs

Finding the motivation to exercise during the cold, winter months can be difficult. Try making them a social affair — hold joint workouts with friends over Zoom or join an employer-sponsored afternoon workout session. Another alternative: turn on a podcast or pull up a Spotify playlist.

January 26, 2021


What do fitness instructors mean when they say 'engage your core?'

Fitness instructors who use a lot of gym lingo can seem like they're speaking in a foreign language. Here's what they mean when they tell you to "engage your core," "activate your glutes" or "put your weight in your heels."

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