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March 26, 2018

Stormy Daniels' former co-star Mary Carey is no fan, but believes her story

They shot three adult films together and have zero relationship today, but Carey said Daniels is '100 percent telling the truth'

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Mary Carey Courtesy of Mary Carey /for PhillyVoice

"I don't take porn seriously. I'm goofy. She was one of those girls who took herself very seriously."

Porn star Mary Carey shot three movies with Stormy Daniels in the early 2000s, but these days, if they bumped into each other, the two would likely just ignore each other like they never had sex.

Reached by phone Monday in Los Angeles, Carey told PhillyVoice she and Daniels' personalities clashed on and off set when they filmed a number of adult films together in 2002 and a Hustler magazine layout a short time later. 

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"My girlfriends in L.A. all know about how [she] and I have never gotten along – not because of me. I'm actually really nice to everyone. She just has never seemed to like me," Carey said of Daniels. 

[She] and I worked together when I was brand new in porn in 2002. I remember before I came out to L.A., and I went to these things called 'Go-sees,' and...I met Stormy, and then Hustler video calls and they tell me I'm doing a girl-on-girl scene with Stormy, then Hustler calls again and I'm doing another scene with Stormy...

"In one week [in 2002], we worked together three different times in a row," said Carey.

Courtesy of Mary Carey /for PhillyVoice

Mary Carey

"We were both new, and I get why they paired us together. She's 5 ft. 7 in. I'm 5 ft. 9 in. We both have big boobs. She's a couple years older, but it was a good look to match together. Even for being new girls, I was pretty nice and friendly, but she was standoffish. And then Hustler magazine didn't like how she behaved on set. She wouldn't put the toy in her. She was being just cranky and they didn't like her attitude...Hustler had me do a bunch of work for them and they never ended up hiring her again as far as I know because of how she behaved."

Despite their personality differences, Carey said she watched Sunday night's "60 Minutes" interview with Anderson Cooper and said that because of how seriously Daniels takes her work, she did find her credible.

"As much as I've never liked her, she takes herself very seriously, and I don't believe she would make any of this up. I think she is 100 percent telling the truth," said Carey.

"She hasn't had any bookings or public appearances for the last five years. By [doing this] she's getting more bookings, so I don't fault her for that...I think she's doing this for a very good business standpoint for herself. She's hasn't been a big name in porn in a few years. She's always been a good director and everything. I think she's handling the whole thing pretty smart[ly.] 

"At the same time, though, if I were in her position, I probably would have just kept quiet because you don't mess with the President. That part would have scared me. I probably would have taken the hush money and just been quiet about it."

At the same time, though, if I were in her position, I probably would have just kept quiet because you don't mess with the President."

Carey said she thinks Daniels runs a "big risk" by airing her grievances against President Donald Trump in the wake of the allegations his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money just 11 days before the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump in 2006. Since then, Daniels has signed multiple legal documents affirming she has not slept with Trump

In Sunday's "60 Minutes" interview with Cooper, Daniels claimed she signed those documents out of sheer intimidation and for the sake of wellness for her family. 

According to Carey, Daniels was not the only one threatened. 

"And then, [Daniels] would see me at conventions and would just never say 'Hi' to me. I mean, OK, we had sex a few times and you're not going to even say 'Hi' to me? 

"And then, I remember in 2006, right before the AVN awards...My makeup artist of many years...he heard Stormy say, 'If I see Mary Carey at AVN, I'm gonna kick her a**!' I thought, that was really weird."

"I don't take myself seriously," Carey went on to say. 

"I don't take porn seriously. I'm goofy. She was one of those girls who took herself very seriously. I was always the party girl and she is just the opposite of me – very, very serious. That's just not me. On top of all that, I do believe her in what she is saying."