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November 03, 2015

Study: Eagles fans third drunkest in NFL

Only Buffalo, Detroit get more tipsy than Philly

Eagles Alcohol
Eagles Alcohol Drinking Mel Evans/AP

Philadelphia Eagles fans tailgate near a pile of empty drink cans before an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Dec. 27, 2009, in Philadelphia.

It's debatable as to whether the headline "Eagles fans among drunkest" even needs the word "study" in front of it. After all, many Birds supporters would willingly admit that they like to knock back a few more than the average NFL fan.

Either way, the website VinePair sought to find out which fan base gets the most tipsy on gameday, and it turns out Philly fans – no strangers to misery – are just behind Buffalo and Detroit, teams whose faithful also have had plenty of reasons to build up a tolerance over the years. 

The website says it used data from BACtrack, a company that makes breathalyzers you can hook up to your smartphone, to measure fans' blood alcohol level' over the first seven weeks of the season.

The average Eagles fan scored a BAC of .069, scoring above NFC East rivals Washington (.058, 9th), Dallas (.039, 19th), and New York (.033, 24th). Check out the full rankings on a map via VinePair below: 

Drunk Eagles Fans

For more on the methodology of the study, click here(h/t: Bleeding Green Nation)