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COVID-19 booster shots offered to immunocompromised patients by pharmacies, Black Doctors Consortium

COVID-19 Booster Shots for Immunocompromised People


Nearly 20,000 Philly students are behind on state vaccinations, could face bans from school

School Immunizations


Charles Barkley says pro athletes who refuse COVID-19 vaccine are 'selfish'


COVID booster shots might not be needed for Pfizer, Moderna vaccine recipients, new research shows

Immunity COVID-19


Philly expanding COVID-19 vaccination rollout to more pharmacies, mass clinics

Senior Health

New federal guidelines to expand COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all seniors

COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines


Some people are testing positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated, but that's expected


Moderna seeking FDA authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna FDA vaccine


AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine develops strong immune response among older adults

Children's Health

Your child's vaccines: What you need to know about catching up during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccine Schedule COVID-19

Children's Health

As vaccinations fall amid coronavirus pandemic, longterm concerns rise

Childhood vaccines


The current flu shot appears more effective than last season's vaccine

Flu vaccine

Children's Health

What vaccines are recommended for children and when should they be given?


Nurse pens viral post on vaccines: 'The flu shot is not always about you'

Children's Health

Your baby should get the flu shot and you should, too


Here are 10 tips for a healthy school year

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Pa. proposes stricter vaccination requirements for schoolchildren

Health News

Changes coming to next year's flu shot

Health News

Poll: Majority favor mandatory vaccination of kids