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How to convince your loved ones to get the flu shot

Flu shot cost


Weight loss drug Belviq pulled from market due to cancer concerns

Belviq Cancer Risk FDA


New Jersey among states that received faulty coronavirus test kits from CDC

Coronavirus Testing New Jersey


Eight tips for staying healthy while traveling

Woman walking on pathway while strolling luggage

Women's Health

Cervical cancer could be eliminated in the U.S. within 20 years, Harvard researchers say

Cervical cancer elimination

Health News

Four passengers on Royal Caribbean cruise screened for coronavirus in New Jersey

Coronavirus Bayonne New Jersey


Chinese dance team cancels Philly appearance due to travel restrictions stemming from coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Beijing Dance Company


Cardio exercise may improve brain health for adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease

Exercise brain Alzheimer's


Doctors in Thailand treat coronavirus with anti-viral cocktail of HIV drugs and Tamiflu

HIV Flu drugs treat Coronavirus


Is the coronavirus outbreak as bad as SARS or the 2009 influenza pandemic?

Is Coronavirus worse than SARS?


The coronavirus outbreak has people rushing to buy face masks – but do they work?

Coronavirus prevention face masks


Philadelphia Airport among those screening passengers for coronavirus

Coronavirus Airport Screening Philadelphia


IBS sufferers may find relief from symptoms by taking algae supplement, new study says

Algae gut health IBS


As the U.S. confirms coronavirus cases, here's what you need to know

Coronavirus China United States symptoms prevention


CHOP doctor optimistic about stopping coronavirus because he's an Eagles fan, he tells CNN

Offit Penn Coronavirus Eagles

Women's Health

Here are the best ways to treat – and prevent – yeast infections

Yeast Infections Symptoms Treatment Prevention

Health News

Despite a second coronavirus case, CDC says Americans' risk remains low

Chinese coronavirus American victims


Sunscreen chemicals absorb into the bloodstream and stay there for days, FDA study finds

Sunscreen chemicals absorb bloodstream


The causes of epilepsy are not always clear, but there are ways to treat and prevent it

Understanding epilepsy

Children's Health

New Jersey bill to end religious exemption from childhood vaccines collapses in Senate

childhood vaccinations


Cancer death rate falls by largest one-year drop ever recorded

Cancer mortality rate drops


Administering century-old tuberculosis vaccine in a new way may make it more effective

TB vaccine IV

Senior Health

Decreased thirst, worries about incontinence cause dehydration among older adults, study finds

New study identifies why older adults struggle with dehydration


Many Americans don't realize they're going blind

eyeball pexels


The science behind hangovers and their myriad 'cures'

Best hangover cures


Ervebo, the first Ebola virus vaccine, gains FDA approval

Ebola virus vaccine prevention

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Listeria outbreak linked to packaged hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs Listeria


Can eating chili peppers improve your cardiovascular health?

Chili peppers reduces risk of death


Weight loss may reduce breast cancer risk for post-menopausal women, study finds

Breast cancer risk lower weight loss


The most germ-infested places you encounter – and how to stay healthy

common places for germs


Vaping increases risk for lung disease, first long-term study finds

Vaping chronic lung disease

Adult Health

Two apples a day may keep the heart doctor away

Apples Bad Cholesterol Heart Health

Mental Health

National suicide prevention hotline getting 3-digit number, 988

988 - suicide hotline number

Health News

GLAAD calls for Facebook to remove misleading ads about HIV prevention drug PrEP

Truvada PrEP Facebook ads


Here's how to properly dispose common hazardous materials

Paint Buckets Disposal


As measles cases rise worldwide, rate of unvaccinated U.S. children traveling overseas sparks concern

Measles Vaccine International Travel

Adult Health

Shoveling snow sends 11,500 Americans to the hospital every year

Carroll - Snow


Marijuana may delay fetal growth during pregnancy, study finds

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Health Insurance

HIV-preventing drug PrEP now free for the uninsured

Carroll - Truvada prescription


Three ongoing trials raise hope of an HIV vaccine



New Pennsylvania law boosts minimum age to buy tobacco, e-cigarettes

Tobacco age 21 pennsylvania


Man dies from severe infection after being licked by his dog

Man dies from dog licking

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