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Sleep Apnea

Adult Health

Combating daytime sleepiness can take more than getting a good night's rest

Excessive daytime sleepiness

Children's Health

Not all children with sleep apnea snore; here's how to recognize the disorder

Sleep apnea children


Millions of Americans rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, but doctors say they're a short-term solution

Sleeping pills

Adult Health

A good night's sleep can be elusive for many people with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes and sleep disorders

Adult Health

Snoring can be more than a nuisance for your bed partner – it may be a sign of sleep apnea

Snoring sleep apnea


Sleep talking is quite common, but it can hint at a bigger health problem

Sleep talking prevention

Children's Health

Sleep apnea during childhood may increase hypertension risk in teen years

sleep apnea in children

Adult Health

Not getting enough REM sleep may shorten your life

REM sleep mortality rate


Stepping up your fitness game can decrease your risk of developing sleep apnea

Exercise sleep apnea risk

Health News

Sleep apnea can increase cancer risk in women, study finds

Sleep apnea elevated cancer risk

Adult Health

I’m a CPAP dropout: Why many lose sleep over apnea treatment

CPAP Sleep Apnea 07212019

Adult Health

Five ways to stop snoring

Sleep Woman Bed 04292019

Adult Health

Hoping to sleep better? Researchers debunk common myths

How to get better sleep


Some things to consider before picking a position in bed



What to know about sleep apnea

Man snoring causes woman to not be able to sleep

Women's Health

New study finds snoring-related health risks to be worse for women


Health News

Penn professor highlights why your rideshare driver could fall asleep at the wheel

Carroll - Devine Lorraine Hotel on Broad Street

Sleep Apnea

Following train crashes, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer call for mandatory sleep apnea testing

PATCO Train Collingswood

Health News

Study: Sleep issues may be linked to long-term health implications


Health News

Study suggests asthma, sleep apnea connection

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