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Weight Gain

Healthy Eating

To avoid weight gain, eat a low-carb, plant-based diet, researchers say

Low-carb Diet Weight

Women's Health

Gaining too much weight while pregnant raises longterm risks of death from heart disease, diabetes

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Healthy Eating

Why do dieters so often regain weight? Drexel, Penn researchers join national study to find better answers

Diet Weight Gain

Women's Health

Digestive issues are common in menopause, but a woman's race may play a role in their severity

Menopause Symptoms GI

Healthy Eating

Eating alone may have negative health consequences, but not all experts agree

Eating alone health effects

Women's Health

Menopause symptoms differ for every woman — and so does treatment



Going back to the office? The colder temperature could lead to weight gain

Temperature Weight Gain


Americans have piled on the pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic

Weight gain during pandemic


Workplace wellness programs have little impact on overall staff health, study finds

Workplace wellness programs

Healthy Eating

Here's how to stick to a weight loss plan in the new year

Weight Loss Plan


Is spot reduction a myth or a feasible way to lose weight?

Spot reduction: Fact or Myth?

Health News

Men gain more weight during freshman year than women, study finds

Burger Fries


Study is the first to find processed foods can lead to overeating, weight gain

processed food weight gain

Children's Health

Apparently, the chemicals in household dust can spur weight gain

dust weight gain

Adult Health

Turns out, you can't actually catch up on sleep, according to this study

weekend sleep unsplash


4 tips for gaining weight in a healthy way

Female leg stepping on weigh scales.

Adult Health

Drexel launches outpatient clinic for eating disorders, weight management

The Drexel Dragon on Drexel University's campus in Philadelphia.


You’re not the only one who can’t lose weight. Here’s why

Mental Health

More men are using antidepressants, but many factors still keep them from seeking mental health help


Study links daily check-ins to weight loss, but does the scale tell the whole story?


Study: If you’re not getting enough sleep, expect a thicker waistline


Four reasons to stop drinking diet soda

Cola with Ice in Glass


Here’s how your body reacts when you quit smoking

IBXStock_Carroll - Cigarettes


Why CHOP wants to study your baby's poo

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