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Pennsylvania children born near fracking sites may be at higher risk of leukemia, study finds


Sweet dreams, spiders! Some arachnids may sleep similarly to humans, study finds

Jumping Spider dream research


Clinical study for early Alzheimer’s disease seeking volunteers

Purchased - A doctor confronts a smiling senior

Children's Health

Babies born during COVID-19 may be developing slower than pre-pandemic infants, study finds

Babies COVID-19 Development


New PGW study maps out scenarios for success in reducing carbon emissions

Gas Works


Adults who sleep less than six hours a night are at higher risk for dementia

Sleep Alzheimer's


Philly's traffic congestion ranks among worst in the world, new study finds

Inrix traffic report philly

Women's Health

Entering menopause before age 40 often results in more severe symptoms

Premature menopause symptoms

Adult Health

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people may be more prone to migraines

LGB migraine risk


Philadelphia saved billions of dollars with syringe exchange programs, study says

Health News

Sleep apnea can increase cancer risk in women, study finds

Sleep apnea elevated cancer risk


A selfie video can measure your blood pressure

Blood Pressure Measurement Smartphone selfie

Mental Health

We have a subconscious negative brain response to disfigured faces, Penn study finds

implicit bias disfigured faces

Children's Health

Teen drivers with ADHD far more likely to crash than peers

Car Crash Teens ADHD

Mental Health

Broccoli derivative may prove to be a viable schizophrenia treatment, study finds

broccoli schizophrenia treatment


A team of researchers myth-busted the idea of 'sugar rushes'

sugar rush myth

Adult Health

Pairing painkillers with music may enhance relief, new study finds

pain pills music


This is how much sleep parents lose after having a kid

parenting sleep unsplash


Snail venom boasts potentially blood-sugar balancing qualities to treat Type 1 diabetes, study suggests

snail unsplash

Children's Health

Study: Many teens lack privacy to confide in doctors during checkups

patient and doc


Taste testing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer feels the same to your brain, study found

stock image of beers

Health News

Here's why you love getting the daylights scared out of you


Health News

The way you breathe may affect the strength of your memory, study suggests


Women's Health

Delaying pushing in birthing mothers results in a longer, more dangerous birth, new study finds


Health News

This is how many faces you can *actually* recognize, according to science

Pedestrians in Philadelphia Walking

Alternative Medicine

A marijuana compound may counteract psychosis


Parents regularly use their phones while driving their children, study shows


Health Stories

Do neckties pose a health hazard? Jim Gardner seems to think so

jim gardner taking off tie

Mental Health

New research challenges a treatment left-handed people receive for mental health

Elderly Hands

Healthy Eating

Hate eating your veggies? Maybe you only need one



Drexel study shows at least one benefit of the Philadelphia soda tax



Bad news, foodies: Going out to eat could destroy your hormones

Carroll - Bad For You - Burger King Chicken


Report: Philadelphia ranks high among the country’s most congested cities

Stock_Carroll  - Pedestrians and vehicles in Center City


Penn State: This helmet tech can help prevent football concussions

Valentine's Day

Shocking news: Hershey's Kisses aren't Pennsylvania's most popular Valentine's Day candy


Study: You're officially not supposed to eat your placenta


Study: Suburban living linked to higher rates of obesity

Stock_Carroll - Rowhomes in Queen Village


Study: Fitness could help cut the risk of breast cancer


Study: Diet not helping to lose weight? Try a day (or several) off



Alcohol consumption is rising among all Americans, but most staggering for seniors


Study: Doctors get bogged down by work email and mundane office tasks just like the rest of us


Emojis are making you look incompetent at work, study says


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