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July 11, 2018

Do neckties pose a health hazard? Jim Gardner seems to think so

Study warning of tie's health hazards spooks the anchor on air

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jim gardner taking off tie Screen capture/6ABC Action News

Jim Gardner takes off his tie on air after reading a frightening new health study.

Longtime 6ABC anchor and mustache pioneer Jim Gardner is not immune to spooky health stories.

A recent study out of Germany warns of the dangers of wearing neckties, saying men with high blood pressure could be at a higher risk for decreased blood flow to the brain.

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Researchers compared MRI results between men wearing neckties, suggesting that neckties could hinder the wearer's creativity and analytical thinking, according to researchers from the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein.

If you're already reaching for your collar, you're not alone. While reading about the study on Action News Tuesday evening, Gardner starting taking off his tie while on air with weather lady Cecily Tynan. 

"I don't have high blood pressure, but it seems pretty clear that this is a health hazard, right?" Gardner says. Tynan ensures Gardner that he "looks good casual."

Researchers took a sampling of 30 men, randomly selecting some to wear a tight necktie in the traditional Windsor knot and shirt collar buttoned. The other half wore a loosened tie and open collar. The small size of the test group, however, leaves room for deeper exploration in the study. Take a look at the research so far in the Neuroradiology journal at Springer.

Regardless, if going tieless is good enough for Gardner, it's probably good enough for you, too, so loosen those Windsor knots.

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