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Healthy Eating

With trans fat no longer an issue, margarine may be a healthier alternative to butter

margarine vs. butter


Most myocarditis cases tied to COVID-19 vaccines are mild, study finds

Myocarditis COVID-19 vaccines

Adult Health

A daily aspirin to protect the heart? That soon may be outdated advice


Eating spinach can reduce risk of colon cancer, study finds

Spinach, colon cancer

Adult Health

Heart attack risk nearly doubles for young adult marijuana users, study finds

Marijuana Heart Attack


What you need to know about heart rate

Anatomy of human heart

Healthy Eating

Taking fish oil supplements to improve heart health remains controversial

Fish oil controversy

Healthy Eating

Drinking too many energy drinks can lead to a litany of health issues

Energy Drinks

Healthy Eating

Drinking lemon water is trendy, but is it as healthy as advocates tout?

Health Benefits Lemon Water


Irregular blood pressure could be a sign of serious heart issues, study shows



'Our Community, Our Health' campaign providing free health screenings to Philly's African American residents

Health Screenings IBC

Healthy Eating

Prescription fish oil doesn't improve heart health – and may even harm it

FIsh oil heart health

Women's Health

Women often don't receive aggressive care for heart attacks – unlike men

Women Heart Attacks Signs

Children's Health

MIS-C may be leaving children with heart damage, CHOP researchers find

MIS-C Myocarditis Children

Adult Health

Long naps may be bad for your heart, study finds

Napping heart disease

Adult Health

Warning signs may appear in the weeks before sudden cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest warning signs

Women's Health

To address gender disparities in heart failure studies, add more female researchers

Women Heart Failure Research

Adult Health

People with atrial fibrillation are living longer – but early detection still crucial

atrial fibrillation

Adult Health

Dual surgery boosts heart transplant chances for patients with obesity

Obesity heart transplant eligibility

Adult Health

Americans fear hospital visits amid the COVID-19 crisis. The beach? Not so much

COVID-19 Hospital Fear


Heart issue the strongest predictor of COVID-19 deaths

Right ventricle enlargement and COVID-19

Adult Health

Statins can be the difference between life and death – but they remain underused

Women's Health

Women with heart disease need specialized care during pregnancy, AHA says

Cardiovascular disease during pregnancy

Adult Health

Heart disease patients at higher risk of severe COVID-19 complications

Coronavirus Heart Health COVID-19

Adult Health

Stressful times are particularly dangerous for heart attack survivors, study finds

Times of stress can trigger a second heart attack, new study finds

Healthy Eating

Swapping in olive oil for butter, mayo could limit risk for heart disease

Olive Oil Heart

Adult Health

Fish oil supplements may not protect against cancer – as previously believed

Fish oil supplements don't protect against -- may even increase prostate cancer risk

Women's Health

Struggling to eliminate the sweets? Try getting some more sleep

Poor sleep leads to overeating

Senior Health

Mercy Home Health program keeping congestive heart failure patients out of the hospital

Congestive Heart Failure Mercy Home Health

Senior Health

Brokenhearted over the death of a loved one? These heart medications could save your life, scientists say

Grief Broken Heart Health


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise

Alternative Medicine

Marijuana adversely affects the potency of heart medications, doctors say

Heart medication and marijuana use don't mix, new study says

Healthy Eating

Snacking on walnuts improves gut and heart health, Penn State study finds

Walnuts Penn State


You can get a workout by watching a movie – if you're at the theater

Watching a movie in the theater may be good for you


Running a marathon may reduce effects of aging, study finds

Marathon runners reap extra health benefits


Tracking your heart rate? Here's what that number means

Adult Health

Abstaining from alcohol may reduce atrial fibrillation episodes



Hate exercise? Small increases in physical activity can make a big difference

Exercise Tips New Year's Resolutions

Adult Health

Biomarker in patients with heart failure can predict risk of early death

Biomarker linked to early mortality in patients with heart failure

Healthy Eating

Should you avoid meat for good health?

Is meat healthy?


Have a heart-healthy holiday season

Heart-healthy holidays

Adult Health

Two apples a day may keep the heart doctor away

Apples Bad Cholesterol Heart Health

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