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February 20, 2017

Temple Hospital employee reiterates free gun lock offer

Scott Charles is a gun safety advocate and a gun owner

Scott Charles, a Temple University Hospital trauma outreach coordinator and a local gun safety advocate, took to Twitter over the weekend to remind local firearm owners about his standing offer to supply them with free gun safety devices. 

Charles said his back-ordered shipment is in and anyone interested in his offer should email him. 

As a gun owner himself, Charles has made it his personal mission to supply locals with gun safety devices in an effort to reduce the number of accidental gun deaths, particularly in children. 

Over the summer, he defended the usefulness of gun safety devices to critics who doubted their practicality in an interview with David Gambacorta, who worked at Philadelphia Magazine at the time.

Charles said some people who took issue with his offer of free gun locks argued that an intruder won’t wait for a gun owner to unlock his weapon. “I did the math. You know how many hours a bad guy was in my house last year? Zero,” he said. “You know how many hours children were in my house? Several thousand. I’m just playing the laws of probability.”