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June 12, 2018

Alleged pooperintendent's lawyer wants to see the whole poop video

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Poop Emoji

The poop emoji.

The lawyer representing the alleged "pooperintendent" wants to see the whole supposed poop tape.

A refresher: Thomas Tramaglini, 42, and  superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools in Union County, is charged with defecating in public after police identified him as the person allegedly regularly pooping outside Holmdel High School in Monmouth County last month. Tramaglini has been placed on paid administrative leave, and the mystery of the "pooperintendent" was born.

Tramaglini's lawyer, Matthew Adams, has said that he will rebuke some of the "falsehoods" being spread about his client.

An important step in that process appears to be viewing the surveillance footage — which school officials and police recorded because someone kept pooping near the football field — in its entirety.

ABC7 reports that Adams argued in a court appearance Tuesday that he has only been given a clip of that footage, and not the whole video. He was granted the request and court was adjourned until a later date so Adams could watch the entire video, which authorities say shows the pooping occurring. 

According to, Tramaglini didn't talk during the court appearance and didn't respond to reporters outside the courthouse, so hopes of finally hearing him speak were flushed away. (Thank you, thank you.)