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July 17, 2017

Three of America's best hot dogs can be found in Philly, Wildwood

New rankings give nod to creativity, toppings at local spots

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071717_MauisDogs Maui's Dog House/Facebook

Specialty sausage dog from Maui's Dog Stand in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Once the Fourth of July comes and goes, it makes sense that many of us give the grill, and barbecue in general, a little rest.

As soon as that week or so is over, the summertime craving for burgers and hot dogs reappears with full force.

Philadelphia is known for several great hot dog spots, but as it turns out, you can actually find three of the best America has to offer right here and in Wildwood, according to The Daily Meal.

A list of the top 75 hot dogs in the United States gives a nod to Maui's Dog House in Wildwood (#73), Memphis Taproom Beer Garden (#51) and Texas Wieners (#28).

Maui's Dog House, opened in 1999, is a Wildwood staple led by husband and wife duo Mike and Liz D'Antuono. With more than 30 toppings to choose from, here's what The Daily Meal had to say:

[T]his hot dog shack is packed on nearly every summer afternoon. Why? Because its hot dogs are delicious and insanely creative. Just take the Italian, for example. While most places would just top an Italian dog with peppers and onions, Maui’s kicks it up a notch with onions, peppers, potatoes, and garlic, all sautéed in white wine. A mound of extra-sharp provolone completes the dish.

Memphis Taproom, the longstanding Kensington gastropub, recently revamped its beer garden after the restaurant returned to founders Ken Correll and Paula Decker. Keeping with their priority for toppings and creativity, The Daily Meal went ahead and made a suggestion for your order:

The dogs here are prepared in an on-site truck, and start with long, skinny links from New Jersey cult favorite Best Provisions. The topping options here are mind-blowingly creative ... if you have to choose just one, go with the Polser. It’s their take on a Denmark-style hot dog, and it’s bacon-wrapped and topped with remoulade, Dijon, pickles, and crispy fried shallots.

Finally, there's Texas Wieners, the authentic South Philly spot that reopened last year after a two-month closure. Founded by Greek immigrant Stephanos Mandrohalos and later passed down through the Viggiano family, the place has been grilling and splitting dogs since 1923:

The stand has long been proudly serving up “The Works”: a split and grilled all-beef hot dog on a steamed club roll topped with mustard, onions, and a secret sauce whose recipe is still under lock and key. And if you still have some stomach space and want to try a true Philly classic, you won’t be disappointed by their egg and scrapple sandwich.

Here are the top 5 hot dogs in the United States.

5. Lafayette Coney Island - Detroit
4. Superdawg - Chicago
3. Katz's Deli - New York City
2. Coney Island Lunch - Scranton
1. Rutt's Hut - Clifton, N.J.

Check out The Daily Meal's full rankings here.