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December 09, 2015

Nutter responds to Trump's insults: He doesn't know me or Philly

Donald Trump fired back on Twitter Wednesday after Mayor Michael Nutter spoke Tuesday at City Hall on Trump's campaign proposal to not allow Muslims into America, prompting Nutter to respond as well, telling the presidential candidate, "you don't know me."

"He's an a**hole," Nutter said at the Tuesday meeting, where he was joined by interfaith leaders from throughout the city as well as Mayor-elect Jim Kenney and several members of the City Council. 

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"He's taken a page from the playbook of Hitler."

A Twitter user named Jeff Schick, who posts as @mysteriousLoser, decided to bring Nutter's comments to Trump's attention.

Trump was quick to post a response, referring to Nutter as a "crude dope".

He later added a few more choice words, but linked the wrong Twitter account. (Nutter's account is @Michael_Nutter):

Speaking with Mary Moss-Coane on WHYY's "Radio Times" shortly after those tweets were posted Wednesday, Nutter stood by his comments and said Trump knows nothing about him or the city of Philadelphia, adding that he thinks the candidate should apologize to Muslims and all Americans. Here's the full transcript of his comments (audio can be found here): 

Yeah, I did (call him an a**hole). I stand by it. I think it's pretty clear. But, you know, that's yesterday's news. He needs to focus a whole lot less on me. He doesn't not know me, at all, and doesn't know anything about the city of Philadelphia. He needs to clean up the mess that he has been making, including yesterday, and apologize to members of the Muslim faith and citizens of the United States of America for his intolerable views.

During the event Tuesday, Nutter also called out the actors of the recent vandalism to a Kensington mosque, where a pig's head was thrown from a moving car