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February 08, 2017

Tweets hail Leach as 'hero' and 'Spartacus' for profane comeback at Trump

A politician's job is to be the voice of his or her constituents, and it looks like State Sen. Daylin Leach is doing right by his.

The Pennsylvania Democrat from Montgomery County called President Donald Trump a "s***-gibbon" on social media Tuesday while linking to a Politico story that described a meeting Trump had with a group of sheriffs from around the country on Tuesday.

During the meeting, a sheriff from Texas discussed civil asset forfeiture with the president and the legislation a senator in his home state wanted that would mean a person would have to be convicted of a crime before officials could take and forfeiture money.

According to Politico, Trump responded: “Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career."

Leach responded, on Facebook and Twitter: "Hey @realDonaldTrump I oppose civil asset forfeiture too! Why don't you try to destroy my career you fascist, loofa-faced, s***-gibbon!"

Many took to social media, hailing Leach as a "hero." One even compared the senator to the gladiator Spartacus. Another asked if it would be weird if he hung a poster of Leach in his bedroom.

It even started a new hashtag.

But obviously, Leach got pushback from a handful, too.

But many others had another valid question – what's a "s---gibbon?"

We're not sure either. A gibbon is a primate most commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, but "s***-gibbon" looks like it's a Scottish insult.

It's not the first time the president's been called the name, either. He was subject to the insult on Twitter during his post-Brexit visit to the United Kingdom, too.