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May 25, 2017

U2 shares the best piece of advice Bruce Springsteen ever gave the group

U2 frontman Bono spilled the best piece of advice that rocker Bruce Springsteen ever gave him and the band – and he didn't even follow it.

Bono appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier this week, and he and the group touched on politics, the attack in Manchester and, of course, music.

U2 appeared on the show Tuesday night to promote its "Joshua Tree Tour," when Kimmel noted that the only other "religious" experience he's had at a concert, aside from U2's, was at a Springsteen show.

"We don't have a boss in this band so we like to think of him as our boss," Bono said.

The frontman also noted that the band has gotten "so much advice" from Springsteen throughout the years – but the best?

"Don't do television," Bono recalled as his bandmates and audience laughed.

"Advice he and we didn't take later on in our life, but I asked him why, and he said, 'Don't give other people the ability to turn you up or down,'" Bono said. "He said they could be making a cup of coffee and you're out there telling your story."

While the comment may have been ironic, the Kimmel sit-down was the band's only TV appearance on the tour, according to Variety.

Watch the interview snippet below: