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May 17, 2022

Penn student roasts Doc Rivers at graduation ceremony

College graduates across the country will be celebrating this month. One such person is new University of Pennsylvania grad Leonard Y. Chen, who, on the day they're graduating from an Ivy League school in this fine city, is concerned about Doc Rivers:

Chen speaks for I'd assume the vast majority of Sixers fans with his "Fire Doc Rivers" message on his phone. As a fellow Penn Quaker, I'll tell you right now, that kid is going places in life. 

I saw someone in the replies of that Bleacher Report tweet saying that Chen is immature and that if a student graduating from an Ivy League school, they shouldn't be worried about this trivial matter. First of all, it's probably the happiest day of their life, having graduated from the rigorous Philosophy, Politics and Economics program. So let Chen live and do whatever he wants and allow him to flash his wild Sixers fandom! Secondly, worrying about the Sixers above all else in life while attending Penn is how you end up as the deputy sports editor of PhillyVoice. The sky's the limit for Leo.