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March 05, 2016

Upper Darby school district apologizes for KKK costumes

Picture shows students wearing white hoods for class project

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KKK Costumes Upper Darby Facebook/Source

The Upper Darby School District has apologized for this photo of students wearing KKK costumes.

A top school official has issued a formal apology after a photograph of students wearing Ku Klux Klan costumes was circulated on social media.

Upper Darby School District Superintendent Richard F. Dunlap's statement was published on the district's website Friday.

The statement addresses the photo which was taken of students at Upper Darby High School participating in a skit during the 2014-15 school year meant to illustrate the "historical impact" of the "atrocities" committed by the KKK.

"The photo has offended many in the community, and the Upper Darby School District is deeply sorry for this," Dunlap said.

"Though there was no intention to harm or offend anyone, we recognize that the project was in poor judgment and an inappropriate activity."

Dunlap said the school is working with the Children And Parental Enrichment Services to complete diversity training for district staff and will work to implement a plan for addressing diversity with students.

"The Upper Darby School District truly regrets this incident and appreciates the support and cooperation of our community as we attempt to use this as a teachable moment regarding cultural, historical, and racial understanding," Dunlap said.

According to a community profile on the school district's website, the school community reflects a neighborhood that is made up of a "great diversity of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds."