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March 03, 2020

Philly receives piece of $1 million grant for veterans with substance use disorder

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The Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia, located at 213-217 North 4th Street, will use grant funding to enhance program training and services for veterans with substance use disorder.

The Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia has been awarded more than $400,000 to support programs for vets struggling with substance use disorder.

The funds come as part of a $1 million dispersed to locations across the state through a grant secured from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

“Pennsylvania is fortunate to have such a large and diverse veteran population,” said Gov. Tom Wolf. “However, many of our great patriots have fallen on hard times and need assistance overcoming addiction and the effects of substance use disorder."

The following organizations will receive grant money from the state:

•Robert M. Jackson Veterans Center (Dauphin County - $25,000)

•Treatment Court Advocacy Center of Lackawanna County (Lackawanna County - $50,000)

•Valhalla Veterans Services (Lackawanna County - $25,000)

•Veterans Multi-Service Center (Philadelphia County - $416,500)

•Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard (Allegheny County - $100,000)

Programs run by the seven grantees focus on treatment and recovery, homelessness, suicide prevention, and other services in support of veterans.

“Statistics show that veterans across the commonwealth are suffering from substance use disorder at an alarming rate,” said DDAP Secretary Jen Smith. “Because of this, we must ensure that treatment services and recovery supports are available specifically to serve this population. These grants will allow a wide variety of services to veterans and their families and give veterans the necessary tools to succeed even after treatment and into their recovery.”

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