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January 20, 2017

Video: British kids' TV show asks Pennsylvania students why they like Trump

While some voters are still in disbelief that Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th U.S. president Friday, there's a group of students in northeastern Pennsylvania who are excited to welcome Trump into the White House.

The British television show “Newsround,” a news program for young kids, traveled to Freeland, Luzerne County, to talk to students at the MMI Preparatory School to ask why so many of them support Trump. Luzerne County, for context, has been used as a prime example of why Trump won Pennsylvania and the presidency. The county went for Barack Obama by 5 points in 2012 but went for Trump by 20 points this past election.

It's an interesting watch, if for no other reason than that the school has a student read the morning announcements while doing a Trump impression. But why do British kids care? A producer for the show explained why to the Standard Speaker, the county's main newspaper:

“The U.S. election is a massive story for our audience in the U.K.,” explained Newsround producer Jimmy Tam. “They are really interested in such big characters — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The kids know about (Trump) because he’s such a big character. One of the things we wanted to find out about was what do people who support him want and what do they like about him.”

You can watch the segment, titled "Why kids in Pennsylvania like Donald Trump," which was published to the show's website Friday, below: