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August 02, 2016

Bob Davidson ejects heckling Phillies fan, later offers detailed explanation

It’s rare when you see a fan ejected from an MLB baseball game, but when “Balkin” Bob Davidson is behind the plate, anything is truly possible.

During Tuesday night’s slugfest Phillies win, a fellow who was seated more than 10 rows behind the San Francisco Giants dugout was apparently none too pleased with Davidson’s umpiring. And as a paying customer sometimes chooses to do, he let the home plate umpire have a piece of his mind.

Whatever the man said was loud enough to hear in the press box, and Davidson wanted him gone:

(The Giants announcer saying “Bob!” at 0:56 cracked me up.)

Apparently, though, the fan wasn't just saying, "You suck." Here was Davidson's explanation:

As was pointed out by Deadspin, this is not the first time that Davidson has ejected a fan from a game:

And as Ryan mentioned, the fan missed some more incredible hitting from the young Phillies, who definitely didn’t suck on this night against Madison Bumgarner and the NL West-leading Gigantes.

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