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July 12, 2016

WATCH: ‘Batting Stance Guy’ mimics Odubel Herrera’s unorthodox plate approach

At this week’s MLB All-Star Game in San Diego, Odubel Herrera is getting his first real shot at performing in front of a national audience. Considering the entertaining playing style that we here in Philly are treated to on a daily basis, there’s a chance he could turn some heads.

It already seems as if “El Torito” has caught the eye of the Batting Stance Guy, aka Gar Ryness. Herrera’s unorthodox pre-pitch routine provided Ryness with material that probably hasn’t been at his disposal since Kevin Youkilis retired:

Herrera is already a legitimate all-star at 24, which means that the former Rule 5 pick could be in Philly for a long time. And if the Phillies move back into the contending ranks over the next few years here like many think, Herrera has the chance to become well known as one of baseball’s unique young stars.

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