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June 05, 2016

Video: Concert in Laurel Hill Cemetery lures fox out of hiding

Music Violin
Fox in Laurel Hill Monique Canniere/for PhillyVoice

Fox in the graveyard, run, run, run.

Philadelphia violinist Monique Canniere and The Divine Hand Ensemble were playing in Laurel Hill Cemetery on Saturday when a fox appeared. I asked Canniere what was going through her mind when it happened.

“Basically...I feel a spiritual connection to all animals, and clearly this little guy was attracted to the sound of music," says Canniere. "I just felt drawn to him and was inspired to improvise with sounds that I thought/hoped would be appealing and soothing to the sweet and curious little fox.”

Watch the video — it’s just a lovely little unpredictable moment.

“It truly felt magical to me. My soul is still humming from all the positive energy in that place last night.”