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September 13, 2016

WATCH: Jon Dorenbos gets inspirational for final ‘America’s Got Talent’ trick

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091316_Dorenbos America's Got Talent/YouTube

Jon Dorenbos finished off his AGT run with a personal story.

As one of the ten finalists, Jon Dorenbos has made it to the finish line of "America's Got Talent." In the finals on Tuesday night — It really was amazing how well the scheduling worked out, with the Eagles still six days away from their next game — Dorenbos told an inspirational story, talking about how "magic saved his life."

While Dorenbos told that story (and he told it well), he also did a pretty nifty card trick. Afterward, he even got Heidi Klum to say "Go Birds!" Klum, along with the other three judges, were extremely complementary of Dorenbos.

"You talk the talk, you walk the walk, but you're more than just a great performer," Simon Cowell said. "You're someone who I think we would all be proud to say, 'The winner of this show is Jon Dorenbos.'"

Regardless of the final result, Dorenbos acquitted himself quite well on the national stage. Check out the full video of his final trick here:

The voting takes place tonight, and Dorenbos will find out how he fared Wednesday on the live results show (NBC, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm). After he finished his trick, Dorenbos received support from the Eagles and many other people/places:

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